The Team - The Arc - London

A family business started by Paul Gheysens in 1985, Ghelamco is now a multi award-winning major European real estate business; and still 100% family owned. Over the past three decades they’ve helped transform neighbourhoods with pioneering work right across the continent.

Unwavering in their mission to always look for ways to make their projects greener, smarter and more comfortable, their vision is to create cities that unleash a positive human energy.

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

An award-winning architectural practice built on a firm belief in the ability of outstanding architecture to last through time. Committed to the design of buildings of economy, elegance and delight, their aim is to make a positive and lasting contribution to the built environment through architectural design while testing the boundaries of its application.

Bowler James Brindley

Built on an ethos of collaboration, flexibility and a belief in the power of their vision to elevate spaces and imbue them with deeper meaning, Bowler James Brindley have earned a deserved place in the pantheon of London’s interior design elite. With a portfolio stretching right across the built environment, they’ve brought their innate eccentricity, quirkiness and sense of understated refinement to a wide range of projects.